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Do you need help
to find
the best venue
for your CORPORATE

Do you need help to find
the best venue for your CORPORATE EVENT?


At Venuesin, we specialize in finding the ideal venue to hold your Corporate Event in Portugal. With a database of hundreds of suppliers, Venuesin is a free service which allows professionals to receive several proposals for venues, hotels and other additional services needed to plan a successful Event.



It is very simple: tell us the requirements for your Event by completing the form, and we take care of the rest. You will receive our proposals within 24 business hours. After receiving the proposals, you can contact the service providers directly and hire their services with no intermediaries. Venuesin can help you with all stages of the process, from the request of proposal to the organization of the Event, allowing you to save time finding the ideal venue.



The customized service offered aims at all professionals responsible for the organization of Corporate Events in Portugal.


Different Proposals

Get different solutions for the venue where you will hold your Event.

Free of Charge

Hire services directly from providers, with no intermediaries or additional costs.

Time Saver

Get several solutions within 24 business hours.

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"Venuesin is the dream partner of any event planner. I made a wish and it came true! Venuesin not only gives me more time to take care of other things by doing all the research on venues and conditions, but it has a huge and diversified range of service providers. There is always a solution and they never disappoint. The team is always there to help, including weekends, and they are always in good spirits and with a smile on their faces."

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“About VenuesIn, I am very happy with the service provided. They were always available for me, and fast when answering emails.”

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"Venuesin is a gift from heaven! I was tired of looking for hotels who never replied, dealing with people who basically suggested the same old things, and Venuesin came along with an entirely different attitude. A company made by innovative people, in both form and content, who have to their advantage the way they see the customer, what it wants and what it can afford. It is a different concept and it may even make you raise an eyebrow at first, but their simplicity, modesty and expertise will win you over. More than a company, Venuesin has worked for us like a facilitator, and found us several venues. At the end, we were surprised to see they have people who care about the details…"

Testemunho 5

"All the challenges we presented were replied with the best solution for the occasion. The team is great at working together to obtain good results.”

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“The services were always rendered very professionally, in a swift and nice manner, and the team was always available.”

Testemunho 7

“Although new in the market, the team at Venuesin is unique.
Nothing you may think of doing will impose an obstacle to this team. The people are detail-oriented, and they do not give up until they find the best solution to your corporate event. I strongly recommend them! Congratulations Venuesin, and may you be very successful!”

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