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find the space for events

Raquel Relvas Neto, Publituris

Launched in July of this year (2018), by Rodrigo Nené and Pedro Garcia Marques, a VenueIn is a company that helps “find the ideal place to organize your corporate event”. Rodrigo Nené, the company’s founder, who already has a database of suppliers, explains that VenuesIn is a fully updated website that maintains the spaces of several restaurants, hotels and other additional hotels / services, Organize a successful event “. For the events, the events are selected for the desired event according to the completion of the form, the 48 hours, are presented as corresponding proposals. “Over the course of a few weeks, contact the suppliers to contract the services, any other intermediation.” Please, VenuesInsourcing in the various phases of the process, from the request of installation to the organization of the event, “allowing the client to save time in finding the ideal place. The proposals are presented as a turn-key, clarifies.Rodrigo Nené, noting that partners / suppliers are all types of organizations that provide services for events, hotels, hotels, hotels, audiovisual companies, tourism companies. For now, the company’s goal is to be the best locator in Portugal.